Landscape Plans, Working Drawings & Project Management – in 2 stages for consecutive owners (2003 & 2006)

This comfortable cottage, used primarily as a weekend retreat in the village of Burrawang (NSW Southern Highlands), saw development of its garden in two distinct stages for successive owners. Stage one included upgrading and realigning the driveway to enable vehicle access to and from the garage under the cottage together with visitor parking for a two additional vehicles. The driveway was given an organic shape so as not to appear to be simply for cars and an attractive river gravel was used as the surface to add to the relaxed feel of the garden.

A couple of years later the property was sold and the new owners wished to upgrade the property further. The entrance to the property was enhanced by the removal of a large dense evergreen shrubbery which was crowding the entrance. In its place an accessible walk through garden was created with a decorative birdbath, created by an artist, as the primary feature. Further into the property, a stone water feature was built using local basalt fieldstone. This included a waterfall connecting two rectangular ponds set up for fish and water plants. The bottom pond can be up lit to be enjoyed after dark.

See project gallery here.