Masterplan, Working Drawings & Project Management (2011)

The initial brief was to establish a property entrance, vehicle access to the proposed house site on the other side of the hill and to improve the road presentation of this rural property near Wildes Meadow. The discovery of a spring provided a near permanent source of water allowing the muddy stock dam to be transformed into a small lake that works a like a detention basin, holding and releasing water slowly in times of heavy rain. It has become a haven for wildlife, particularly waterbirds.

The bridge itself, constructed using local fieldstone, is sited so as to present a focal point when viewed from the property entrance. The levels of the bridge and the driveway on either side were carefully set to allow controlled flooding and to release water safely to the sensitive wetland environment immediately downstream. The driveway alignment provides a journey through the landscape highlighted by the water crossing before climbing the hill, building anticipation of what lies beyond.

New plantings are all native adding substance to the remnant native vegetation and subtly supporting the route of the driveway. The southern boundary along the road frontage has deliberately been left unscreened so that views into the property are maintained; a feature that has been well received by locals.

See project gallery here.